Akamas is a peninsula in Paphos at the northwest extremity of Cyprus with an area of 230 km2; a place that you should definitely include in your to do list while you are in Cyprus. Until the year 2000, the peninsula was used by the British Army and Navy for military exercises and as a firing range. Today, Akamas is protected by the European Council as a National Park and is an area of extreme natural beauty. It supports a wide diversity of life including many vulnerable species, some of which are endemic to Akamas. Almost all the geological formations of Cyprus are met here, from narrow deep valleys, caves and islets to gorges, and there are over 500 different types of plants.

Because of the mountainous nature of the peninsula there are no roads running through its heartland. One can explore the area in many other ways though. The nature trails that cross the peninsula pass through unspoiled areas of extreme physical beauty. Akamas is ideal for hiking, cycling, diving and swimming in crystal clear waters. In the last years many people choose to do free camping. If you want to explore the area properly it is necessary to get a 4x4 vehicle.

Visitor attractions include the Baths of Aphrodite. This is where, according to mythology, the goddess used to bathe and also where she met her lover Adonis. A visit to Lara beach where sea turtles have their nests is a must. Have in mind that the turtles hatch between July-September so make sure not to disturb them.

The Blue Lagoon is also a place not to be missed with its blue crystal clear waters. If you are up for some hiking you should definitely go to Avakas Gorge. The Queens Tower (Pirgos Rigenas) at the top of Akamas and the Akamas Lighthouse, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Peninsula, are also good choices.

Akamas, with its large diversity of flora and fauna and unspoiled scenery, is the place to be for those who want to enjoy Cypriot nature to the fullest.