Agros is one of the biggest villages of the Limassol district, built amphitheatrically at an altitude of 1100 metres amidst the splendid Cypriot mountain forest.

First of all, Agros is known worldwide for its products made of roses. The famous organic rose bushes of the village are used for making natural cosmetics, liquor and sweets that are said to have an array of health benefits. The Rose Festival, which is held annually in May, attracts hundreds of people and is one of the busiest, but, at the same time best times to visit Agros. Besides this, there are many other cultural events such as musical performances and theatrical plays that take place in the area throughout the year.

Moreover, the village is known for its delicious traditional sweets and jams. There are over 40 different kinds of sweets to choose from made of fruit such as cherries, apricots, quince, watermelon and of course roses. But that is not all. Agros is also famous for its traditionally made smoked charcuterie. A visit to one of the two smokehouses of Agros to try "luntza", that is smoked pork, Cypriot sausages, made of pork meat, the spicy "pasturma" sausages and definitely "zalatina" - pork with vinegar, lemon juice, gelatin and spices - should be definitely put in your to-do list.

Agros has something for everyone. For instance, it is home to “Museum Fragoulidi” dedicated to the pioneer painter Fragoulidis, one of the greater representatives of the first generation of Cypriot artists. The museum is found in the center of the village next to The Virgin Mary Eleousa Church which was built in 1919 in the area where the Great Agros Monastery used to stand, from which the village took its name. At the church you can admire an exquisite icon of the Virgin brought in Cyprus from Asia Minor in the 10th century and its impeccable iconostasis created entirely by Fragoulidis. Regarding churches, there is also the Church of Timiou Prodromou built east of the village around 1860.

The ideal location of Agros makes it a heaven on earth especially for nature lovers. If you want to explore the area more just walk one of the three natural trails that pass by Agros and become part of Cypriot nature.

What keeps Agros high in the list of tourists is that it has managed to maintain its customs and traditions. Furthermore, its approximately 800 inhabitants, known for their hard work and hospitality, offer high quality products and services to the visitor. You will meet them at the different hotels, holiday apartments, shops and local taverns of Agros.

So when are you visiting the rose village of Cyprus?