Anogyra is only 45 km from the city of Limassol and is dominated by traditional houses built with carved limestone, like almost every building in the village.

Before entering the village, look for the ruins of the abandoned Holly Cross Monastery and those of three Christian churches amongst the carob trees and vines. Some remains of frescoes, dated back to the 15th century, can still be seen. According to legend the monks of the monastery kept their treasures in an underground tunnel which archeologists hope to find one day soon. So, stay tuned.

When you arrive at Anogyra, you should start your visit from the centre of the village where you can enjoy a traditional Cypriot coffee or delicious lunch at the large paved central square of the village. Do not forget to look for the stone-made spring decorated with a Medieval sculpture which is considered to be one of the very few found in the island.

In the centre of the village stands also the old renovated 18th century church of Archangel Michael that will impress you with its valuable old icons that decorate the wood carved iconostasis. Right next to the church you can see an old olive press. If you wish to learn more about olive oils the Olive Park and Museum Oleastro is the place for you. The friendly owners will take you through the history of olive oil making and offer you fresh high quality olive oil on bread.

Anogyra is surrounded by carob trees that form an important part of its tradition, a tradition that is still kept alive. If you are curious to learn more about "Cyprus's Black Gold", as carobs are called, pay a visit to the Carob Museum. Here, the visitor can see all the equipment used for the making of products made of carobs such as the very sweet "pasteli". There is even a Pasteli Festival every September during which you can learn everything about this healthy and tasty sweet but also have fun by listening and dancing to Cypriot music. If you are more into wine then Anogyra will not disappoint you. Its Winery is ready to welcome you and offer you moments of relaxation.

So what are you waiting for? Book your accommodation in one of the exquisite agrotouristic places of Anogyra and enjoy your stay there.