Foini is built at an average altitude of 920 metres on the Troodos Mountains amidst of pine, plane and cedar trees only 44 km away from the city of Limassol.

In the center of the village you will find the 18th century church of the Holy Cross with a unique in its type handmade engraved iconostasis. In the surrounding area of the village, there are four small chapels, those of Saint Anna, Saint Marina, Saints Anargiri and Saint George all of them been surrounded by the Cypriot nature.

You should not leave the village without trying the local dishes at one of the taverns. After lunch do have a Cypriot coffee at the square and do not forget to ask for a "loukoumi" to accompany it. The village is renowned for this sweet - made of sugar, starch and various flavours - which has been produced in Foini since 1930.

Furthermore, Phini is one of the most important centres of pottery art in Cyprus with a history that goes back into the centuries and continues to the present. Thus, a visit to the Pilavakio Museum of Folkloric Art and the Pottery Workshop, found next to it, is a must. Get to know the history of the village by having a look at earthenware jars and clay pots - the oldest one dating back to 1731 - black and white photographs, old clothes and so on. Do not forget to have a look at the huge handmade pot that can hold 2000 litres of wine and has won a place in the Guinees Book of Records.

For nature lovers Foini has a lot to offer. A short path will lead you to the waterfall of Hantara close to which there is a fish-farm and next to it a tavern where you can have tasty trout. Also, in the Paphos Forest which is close to the village, you can admire three famous medieval bridges, namely those of Piskopy, Elia and Kelefos. You can also follow the nature trail that passes from the village and ends up at Trooditissa Monastery and admire the rich flora and fauna of the area.

Moreover, there is a number of festivals organised in the village which usually take place in the summer or early autumn. During the Pottery and Traditional Products Festival you can see how pottery is made in the traditional way, try "pallouze" and "soutziouko" - traditional sweets made with wine must - drink zivania - an exquisite but strong Cypriot drink - and dance traditional dances to the sound of Cypriot music.

One thing is for sure. If you visit Foini once you will want to come back again soon.