Koilani is one of the most famous wine villages of Limassol located at a height of 820 metres in the Troodos mountains. Koilani has a long history historical tradition and cultural heritage and has managed to preserve its traditional architecture and character. So let us walk its narrow uphill alleys.

In the centre of the village you will find Koilani´s main church dedicated to the Virgin Eleousa. At the same place there is an Ecclesiastical Museum which hosts many treasures, among which icons of the 13th and 18th centuries. The other church of Koilani is dedicated to Monogenis, that is Jesus Christ, which makes it unique since it is the only one dedicated to Him in Cyprus. Moreover, in a magical location in Koilani you will find the chapel of Saint Mavra which has amazing murals and unusual architecture and is built under a 1200 year old plane tree next to the river of Krios.

The village has been producing exquisite wines for centuries. So a visit to one of the wineries of Koilani is definitely a must. Moreover, the Afamia or Grape and Palouze Festival is one of the annual highlights of Koilani. It takes place every October and gives the chance to the visitor to have a tour at the museums of the village, enjoy live traditional music and dances, participate in children’s workshops, learn how the traditional sweet “palouze” is made and of course taste it. Also, in the centre of Koilani inside an amazing building you will find the Museum of Viticulture where tools related to the cultivation of vineyards and the production of related products are exhibited.

One of the best times to visit the area is in the summer when the weather is cool in contrast with the hot seaside areas. Also, every summer the Festival of Glitzisto, a traditional sweet made of dough and honey, takes place. On that day, besides learning how to make the sweet and trying it, the museums and wineries of the village offer free entrance.

For the lovers of agroutourism Koilani is the ideal place offering a few but special choices of holiday apartments.

Koilani is waiting for you to discover it.