Lania is a small but worth visiting traditional village of Limassol only 25 Km away from the centre of the city. Fortunately, in the last few years people, locals and foreigners, have decided to renovate its houses and bring life back to Lania.

The best way to get to know the village is on foot. At the entrance of Lania you will find a permanent photographic exhibition that narrates its history. Stroll along the stone paved narrow streets of the village and admire its traditional houses and the many secular trees found there. The highlight is the 800 year old oak tree, maybe the biggest tree in the island. Stop at the centre of the village and enjoy a hot Cypriot coffee or some traditional food at the local taverns.

Lania is one of the grape cultivating villages of Cyprus and produces some exquisite wines, such as the traditional koumantaria, and also sweets made of wine must like “soutzoukos”. It is no coincidence that the village got its name from Lana daughter of Dionisos, the God of Wine.

Even if you are not religious you will definitely be astonished by the several monasteries of the region that date back to the Franks Period such as those dedicated to Saint Marina and the Archangel. You should pay a visit to the 17th century church of Virgin Mary of Valana found on the top of a hill - near a small picnic area and a park - offering amazing views of the area. There is also the church of Virgin Chrisolanitisa located in the centre of the village where you can admire the miraculous, as many support, 12th century Byzantine icon of the Virgin.

Lania has many attractions especially for the lovers of history and culture. It boasts a Traditional House Museum, an Old Wine Press, an Old Olive Press and an Art Gallery among others. One of the best times to visit the village is in May because not only because of the amazing spring weather but also because then the “Lanes and Courtyards” event takes place during which the women of the village open the doors of their houses to the visitors.

The picturesque village of Lania and its hospitable residents are waiting for you.