Lefkara is a scenic village of the Larnaca district which has been inhabited for centuries. It is situated at the foot of the Troodos Mountains, 45 km from Nicosia. Its name derives from the white colour of the surrounding calcareous rocks, since "lefko" means "white" in Greek. Just walk on the narrow alleys of the village and admire its houses, built entirely of local white stone.

Lefkara is an excellent destination all year round, especially during summer time because of the good weather with low humidity and mild temperatures. It is not a coincidence that it once served as a summer resort for the Venetian nobles.

Lefkara is the homeland of the island’s traditional embroidery, the Cypriot famous lace called "lefkaritiko", to which the village owes its welfare. The tradition of lace-making dates back to at least the 14th century. Today, lefkaritiko is known worldwide. Legend has it that when Leonardo da Vinci came to Cyprus in the late 16th century during a visit to Lekfara he bought a big lefkaritiko tablecloth which was then donated to the Milan Cathedral.

Besides embroidering another important craft for which the village is known is that of silversmithing, which probably appeared in the early 18th century. A great variety of jewellery, Church utensils, unique souvenirs and many more are made. If you want to master the arts of Lefkara you can take classes at the recently founded handicraft centre, made to preserve the art of embroidering and silversmithing.

Even if Lefkara is a small village there is a lot to visit. First of all the magnificent 14th century Church of Timios Stavros dedicated to the Holy Cross. In the iconostasis of the church a big wooden Cross is found, in the centre of which, according to tradition, a piece of the Cross of the Lord is kept. If you like museums you should go to the Local Ethnological Museum of Traditional Embroidery and Silversmith Work which is housed in a mansion house, a representative sample of the architecture of Lefkara. Here you can admire traditional costumes, jewellery, silverwork and a large collection of old Lefkara embroidery.

If you want to explore the area more and enjoy the lovely scenery you can follow the walking trail that starts in the village and leads to the village of Vavatsinia or go on the cycling route and admire the Lefkara Dam where you can fish or have a picknick.

Lefkara definitely deserves your visit.