The village of Lofou lies 26 km away from Limassol and is built amphitheatrically over the hills at an altitude of about 800 meters.

Lofou appeals to everyone. It is no surprise that Lofou has been listed by UNESCO as an architecturally important village. Walk its cobblestone narrow streets towards the 19th century church - dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin - admire the exquisite frescoes and icons and the amazing view of the village. Moreover, there are three more chapels in the area. One is dedicated to Prophet Elias, which offers a splendid view of the sea and the waterdam of Kourris, and another two to Saint George and Saint Marina.

Lofou is one of the wine villages of the island and belongs to the 4th Wine Route of Cyprus. The local wine of Lofou and the products made of it, such as "soutzoukos" and "palouzes", are famous all over Cyprus for their excellent quality.

Even though Lofou has very few permanent inhabitants it often gets full of people especially during summer thanks to its cool weather and the festivals that take place in that period. One of the most famous festivals is the Palouze Festival whose principal goal is the promotion of Cypriot rural heritage. During the festival the visitors can taste "palouze" - a traditional dessert made of grape must - see folk craftsmen, such as woodcarvers and potters, in action and even ride a donkey.

For those who desire to learn more about the village's traditions and Cypriot culture a visit to the Wood Carving Workshop, the Commumity Agricultural Museum, the Folk Art Museum of Lofou - an old house where you can see how people of Lofou used to live - and the Olive Press Museum - a restored old olive press - is advisable.

For nature lovers, Lofou has an amazing 1,5 km long nature trail which is home to various plants, trees and animals and leads to the traditional old Faucet of Elitzi. After you finish your walk, the taverns of the village will be ready to welcome you offering traditional Cypriot dishes.

So, why not choose Lofou to spend a few relaxing days close to nature? You can select for your stay between the guest house of the community - a picturesque stony building -, a hotel and a number of traditional houses.

The hospitable people of Lofou are waiting for you.