Omodos, a village of Limassol, is one of the most graphic and most visited little villages of Cyprus which has been inhabited since the Byzantine era. Walk in its small beautiful alleys, admire the perfect little houses with their wooden doors, small balconies and flowers in the yard where the hospitable people of Omodos live.

Trying the local Cypriot dishes at one of the taverns spread around the village or a Cypriot coffee and desert at the lovely paved square in front of the majestic monastery of the Holy Cross is a must. The Monastery, the true pride and joy of the village, was established around 327 AC but does not host monks anymore. Inside the church you can find - according to tradition - a piece from the holly robe with which Christ was tied up on the cross when he was crucified. Inside the Monastery you can also find the Museum of Byzantine Icons where you can admire priceless icons. Approximately 3 km from the village you will find the oldest country church of Omodos dedicated to Apostle Philip - believed to be previously a shrine for the Greek god Apollo.

If you want to know more about the village and its traditions you should visit the Centre for Preservation of Narrow-knit Lacing for which the village is famous. Here you see how this is made and admire more than a hundred remarkable items of narrow-knit lacing. Moreover, there are many Private Museums in Omodos, some of them being 100 year old houses. Until today they are kept the same as when they were first built so they worth a visit if you want to see how Cypriots lived in the past. You will get the chance to have a look at their furniture, agricultural tools, kitchen wear, family pictures, clothes and so on. Omodos also has an Art Gallery which hosts art works of modern Cypriot painters that are inspired by the landscape and traditions of Omodos.

One of the reasons that Omodos is famous is its products. The winepress of the village provides evidence that production of traditional wine took place in the area since ancient times. Thus, you should certainly visit one of the wineries and try excellent wine, zivania and koumantaria - two traditional Cypriot drinks. Moreover, many Cypriot delicacies are produced in Omodos like "soutzoukos", "palouzes" and "kkiofterka" - sweets made of wine must - and the famous crunchy rusks of Omodos called "arkatena".

If you decide to spend some days in this idyllic village there is a number of guest houses that are ready to welcome you. So what are you waiting for?