Pano Platres - most commonly known as Platres - is one of the most popular and old villages of mountainous Cyprus. Platres is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of the Troodos Mountains in the district of Limassol. The average population of Platres is 500 residents but this number increases dramatically especially during summer and snowy months of winter when locals and non-locals visit it to relax and spend some time close to nature.

Plates is well known for numerous reasons. Firstly, for the beauty of its natural environment. Platres has got two spectacular nature trails those of Kalidonia and Millomeris that lead to the waterfalls of Kalidonia and Millomeris respectively. Also, if you enjoy cycling you can follow one of the cycling routes of Troodos that pass through Platres. Moreover, if you are a fun of camping have in mind that close to Platres there is one camping site and seven picnic sites. Become part of the forest of Platres which is full of pine and oak trees and shrubs such as trimithies and spatzia and rich fauna. For the adventurous nature lovers there is Sparti Platres Adventure Park, an ideal place to spend your day with family and friends, suitable for all ages.

Platres is also known for its beautiful architecture and local products. Walk the streets of Platres, admire its traditional stone made buildings and enjoy a Cypriot coffee with some traditional honey balls called "loukoumades" under one of the perennial plane and oak trees that adorn the villages. Moreover, while in Platres do not forget to visit the internationally known Platres Chocolate Workshop and live an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Here you can taste unique flavoured chocolate such as that made with the Cypriot drinks koumantaria and zivania or different local fruit and nuts. Also, Platres Organic Lavender Farm worths a visit if you are a lover of aromatherapy and of products made of lavender.

Furthermore, like all Cypriot villages, Platres is home to a number of Christian Orthodox churches. For instance, there is a chapel dedicated to Virgin Iamatiki - which means the One that heals - and another one dedicated to Saint Nicolaos, both built on the ruins of old churches.

As a famous holiday destination Platres has a variety of accommodation options and traditional restaurants that serve mouthwatering Cypriot dishes. Choose between hotels, holiday apartments and cottages and enjoy Cypriot nature and hospitality at its best.

Platres is definitely a place to visit!