The village of Pissouri is found in the district of Limassol, ideally located midway between Limassol and Paphos, on the Cape Aspro ridge. Pissouri dates back to the Byzantine era and is well known for its amazing views and the hospitality of its people. Its inhabitants work mainly in the agricultural or touristic industry. One can try here sweet sultana grapes, figs, almonds, citrus fruit and various kinds of vegetables.

Pissouri is a great and famous touristic destination especially during the summer months when it gets full with locals and foreigners who come to enjoy the lovely location, weather and facilities that the area has to offer. One of the most popular places is the Bay of Pissouri located only 3 km away from the village where one can find numerous hotels, restaurants, bars and a long sand and pebble beach with cool waters. At the bay there is great variety of watersports to choose from like scuba diving, kayaking and jet skiing. The beach of the Bay is also a turtle nesting site so if you are lucky enough to experience the moment the turtles will be hatching make sure not to disturb them. If you want to explore the village further why not go hiking or cycling on your own or one of the guided tours available and enjoy the rich flora and fauna of Pissouri.

In the village you will find more accommodation options, restaurants and coffee shops. In the village square - mainly during the summer - traditional Cypriot nights are organised at the taverns of the area during which you will be able to enjoy delicious local dishes while listening to Cypriot music and dancing Cypriot dances with the inhabitants of Pissouri who love to dance and have fun.

Of course, there is more to see and do in the village of Pissouri. One can find here the incredible stone Gothic church of Apostle Andrew, where you can admire antique icons made in 1890. Also, there is a number of nice chapels in the area such as that of Saint Mavrikios, offering amazing views of the hills and the bay, and that of Saint Spiridonas - constructed into the side of an enormous rock - that, without a doubt, worth a visit. Furthermore, during summer months the Amphitheatre Pissouri - ideally located on the eastern slope of the Cape Aspro ridge - offers many entertainment opportunities such as music and dance shows and theatrical plays by local and international artists. Do not miss it!

Pissouri has something to offer to everyone and is waiting for you to explore it.