Ayioi Anargyroi Natural Health Spa Resort is a paradise luxury boutique hotel, located in Paphos. Definitely a leading Spa Resort, which specializes not only on beauty and pampering but most importantly on healing and wellness.

A dream made real

Welcome to a dream – a dream that unfolded in 1983. We cordially invite you to steep yourself within a vision that will bring relaxation, health, well-being and no little luxury. In the spring of 2009 Ayii Anargyri Spa resort opened its doors and present the world with a sublime experience. Set in a valley of mature trees, the resort offers a unique retreat, a place of profound calm and the opportunity to enjoy the health-giving waters which have benefited visitors for so many years. This boutique hotel with accommodation for 150 guests, in Suites or Classic rooms, has dedicated spa facilities in the grounds, a generous swimming pool and conference facilities for 50 people.

The hotel provides the means to benefit from the time-tested remedies of the mineral rich waters which flow here – but there is so much more. An abundance of scenic attractions will delight any nature lover. Also outdoor pursuits like cycling, walking and bird watching are just a few other possibilities to make your stay a tonic for body and mind.

History of healing

The Spa was first formally opened in 1649 by two brothers, Cosmas and Damianos. Their generosity in offering treatment often without thought of reward gave rise to the name Anargyri – without silver. They became known and loved locally for their selfless acts and affectionately known as saints. In the 19th century the waters were properly analysed and did indeed contain health-giving minerals. Now the new luxury spa will offer a variety of treatment rooms and therapies many involving the sulphur water which rises naturally nearby in this tranquil setting.


The concept of Ayii Anargyri has grown in every respect. Back in the 1920s guests were accommodated in just 18 rooms. The treatment involved filling baths by hand from water heated in a large container outside. Not so today. Fifty six rooms in a variety of situations: bungalows, suites etc. offer luxury, charm and personal service found in only the most superior boutique hotels.

24* Resort Double Rooms

Twenty four double ensuite rooms are available with king-sized beds, and mountain views. The rooms feature everything a discerning guest might require: air conditioning, flat screen TV, internet connection as well as the usual but essential features like hair dryers and mini safes. Max 2 people

18* Original Spa Rooms

The Original Spa rooms offer the character and sense of history of the originals, high ceilings and parquet floors, but have been given all the attributes a discerning guest might expect. King sized beds are available and the healing waters are on tap in the room. Max 2 pax

5* Sulphur Spring Suites

At the Sulphur Spring Suites you will have a constant supply of spa water. Their settings are simply idyllic.The suites offers bedroom and one living room for more comfort. Also feature everything a discerning guest might require: air conditioning, flat screen TV, internet connection as well as the usual but essential features like hair dryers and mini safes. Max 3 people

3* Spa Suites

Two of the Spa Suites could be found in the old wing opposite the tiny ancient chapel which rests among tall Eucalyptus trees and the third one by the small lake area. These well-appointed suites have spacious bathrooms, sitting area and a Jacuzzi brimming with healing spa water. Max 2 pax

5* Prestige Spa Suites/Escape Spa Studio

The prestigious Suites are found in the tranquillity of the old wing. No expense has been spared on comfort and quality. Guests may take the waters in their own spa. The views from these rooms defy description but, if one is capable of being touched by nature, then the serenity to be found here seems a gift from heaven. Also a luxury studio that can accommodate up to 3 persons is located on the third level of the new extension area, overlooking the natural beauty of the area is offering the same facilities. max 3 pax

The Spa at Ayii Anargyri

We are proud to introduce the new dedicated spa at Ayii Anargyri. This project comes of age after years of intense planning and research. The objective has been to create a facility in which your wellbeing is of prime importance. We believe we have achieved that aim.

Natural Spring Lounge

Ayii Anargyri has something unique. From the Cyprus hillside, a mineral-rich spring carries the soothing waters renowned for generations for their healing qualities. This remarkable stream has been channelled to the new spa where it is combined in numerous treatments now advanced by modern science. The waters are beneficial for joint or muscle discomfort and some circulatory problems. The therapies are natural and non invasive. A doctor is always present to advice on the most suitable treatment. Private rooms suitable for one or two people are available.

Beauty & Serenity Lounge

The floor above the Natural Spring Lounge is dedicated to relaxation, beauty therapy, and a welcome return from worldly stress to tranquillity. Skilled therapists help restore body and mind. The treatment menu invites you to escape for a time in order to rediscover yourself by travelling from one world to another.

Cardio Fitness Concept

The lower ground level is dedicated to toning muscle and improves cardio-vascular function. The latest equipment ensures each muscle group is exercised without strain. Staff will help select an appropriate programme. This result is a workout that is often easier than imagined but which achieves maximum effect.

Total Experience Suite

Four rooms nestle beneath the exquisitely decorated dome of our Total Experience Suite. They offer sensation and relaxation beyond belief. In a rich hamam style environment the body is soothed and cleansed, and the mind made still. The four different environments introduce the benefits of Herbal Steam, Rustic Sauna, temperature-controlled Rasoul Baths, and the latest Chromatherapy. The Total Experience Suite combines brings all the senses in harmony.

True taste of Cyprus

Modern cuisine takes its inspiration from the past. Top chefs all agree, that when possible they cook using the best local produce available. Vegetables in season are always preferred and flavour is preserved by judicious preparation. Ayii Anargyri brings all this to the table with the added experience of traditional local dishes elevated to a gastronomic experience. A comprehensive cellar of fine wine is available to accompany the meal. Cava Gourmet The resort’s own vineyard produces a fresh clean vintage well worth sampling and available at Cava Gourmet. An extensive range of international and Cypriot wine is also to hand at reasonable prices. As a bonus, the Cava can be reserved exclusively. The Chef will prepare a meal to order which can be served to guests here. Amaroulla Restaurant For breakfast and lunch the Amaroulla Restaurant is a light, bright, elegant restaurant where guests can relax over their meal either inside or out and soak up the stunning surroundings of Ayii Anargyri as the Amaroulla overlooks the swimming pool with its tumbling waterfall and woodland beyond.

Bar and Pool Bar

The Bar is a welcoming focal point for visitors. Cocktails and soft drinks are available accompanied by traditional snacks. The traditional fireplace, vaulted arch, and 300-year-old marble floor are something of a talking point among those gathering here. In complete contrast, the modern pool with its own bar is an ideal spot to relax and shake off the day’s heat with a swim followed by a long drink. The garden setting will be delightful.

Wedding Vows

The tiny chapel of Ayii Anargyri stands in the grounds of the spa and for many represents the soul of the place. It dates to 1649 but like many historic religious sites it stands on an earlier stone-age settlement. Although it has obviously undergone renovation, the processional icons and deep stone walls bear witness to the traditional and devotional aspects of Cypriot village life. There are few places more appropriate for couples to make their wedding vows or even, as many now like to do, reaffirm them. The picturesque setting, accommodation and catering make an unforgettable setting for that perfect day.

In conference

Here is the perfect place to stage a conference for up to 50 delegates. The conference room will meet all requirements for equipment, accommodation and catering. When one can send delegates away from a conference refreshed as well as informed then it can be declared a true success. Ayii Anargyri staff will work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the conference organiser’s job is a breeze. Packages will be tailored to meet your needs.

At one with nature Currently the buzz word in tourism is ‘Sustainable’ . It means offering holiday pursuits that put no strain on the natural environment and which involve the indigenous population. While many areas strive to achieve these goals the fact is that Ayii Anargyri and the nearby hamlet of Miliou have always had these qualities in abundance.

Bathing for health

For hundreds of years people have enjoyed the beneficial waters of Ayii Anargyri. Now there is the opportunity to experience the healing effects in a purpose-built spa with expert staff dedicated to your well-being. How does it work? The buoyancy of the water and the temperature improve circulation. This combines with the chemical components in the water which are absorbed through the skin and enter the blood stream. The therapeutic effects of bathing in conjunction with the minerals are beneficial for body and mind and form the basis of bath therapy. Muscle tones, and circulation, benefit. Muscular pain and limited joint movement improve, and swollen joints can often be reduced. Practical experience proves the waters are helpful in treating rheumatic diseases, and chronic inflammations. Biochemically the effect of absorption of sulphur is still under discussion but practical results show that it has a good effect on interstitial complaints and rheumatic problems.

Apart from the sulphur entering the system through the skin it is also inhaled. In degenerative joint diseases any sulphuric acid content in the joints decreases. There is a positive effect in case of cardiovascular diseases too since sulphur expands the coronary arteries, and improves the blood supply to the heart. What’s more, sulphur taken up into the walls of the veins helps reduce cholesterol problems. The spring waters have also shown to be highly effective in treating skin problems like psoriasis or acne.

On the map

Paphos airport – 45 minutes

The beach resorts of Polis and Latchi – 20 minutes

Coral Bay – 30 minutes

Tsada Golf Club – 15 minutes

Kritou Terra Environmental Centre – 20 minutes

Kathikas wine growing region – 10 minutes

The Spa is also well situated for excursions to the Troodos Mountains and the renowned Akamas Wilderness.