The menu is a creative mixture of Greek, Cypriot and European favourites and flavours. There are some great dishes to choose from including various salads, fresh fish and seafood including Salmon Tartare with capers and beetroot and grilled shrimps marinated beer and garlic. There are delicious meat dishes including tenderloin marinated in beer and garlic and chicken fillet marinated in citrus juice. there are delicious risottos and even a tasty stir-fry with fresh squid and vegetables!

D.O.T's best selling main course is its burgers which are big, spicy and served in a freshly baked brioche with lettuce. Such temptations include beef, mushroom and herb burger with mozzarella and fresh basil pesto and beef burger with caramalised bacon and cheddar and don't worry if you need a vegetarian burger, the vegetarian one with soured cream and salad tastes terrific! And talking of vegetarian options, there are several to choose from including zucchini and yellow squash meatballs in a curried yoghurt sauce flavoured with fresh coriander - it just can't get better!