The Limassol Wine Festival has been constituted as one of the most known cultural and traditional celebrations in Cyprus.

The production of Wine in Cyprus is practiced for over 4000 years going back to the time when people worshipped Dionysos the god of wine and Aphrodite the goddess of love and fertility. Limassol, is the wine capital of the island as it has a long wine making tradition as it was the center for wine making and trade due to the city’s port.

The first wine festival occurred in 1961 by the Limassol Municipality and it has grown into this annual high profile event that it is successfully organized until today and it takes place in the Municipal Garden on the seaside road.

At the event, local wineries set up their stands and offer free wine and traditional food to accompany it. The visitors are greeted by the “Vraka Man”, a huge figure of a man wearing the traditional clothes of Cyprus, and can experience the traditional methods used for the production and consumption of wine. There are also events within the celebration with songs, dances and games. It is a great opportunity for locals and foreigners to learn the tradition of wine and better comprehend the culture behind it. Also, it is the perfect opportunity to put your worries behind, have some wine and have fun. It is not by chance that the moto of the festival is “Drink wine, it gives you life!”

The Wine Festival takes place every year during the end of August until the first days of September.