Situated by the blue waters of Limassol beach, Puesta restaurant is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to combine swimming and relaxation moments.

After celebrating its 3rd birthday anniversary on the 26th of March 2013, Puesta Oyster Bar and Grill continues working under the same successful standards. Puesta team consists of nearly 40 people! 10 excellent cooks, 22 jovial waiters/ress, 4 creative bartenders and 2 tireless cleaners. Their main concern is for each customer to spend relaxed and joyful moments. The authentic gastronomic tastes as well as the fresh mussels offered, perfectly match with the environment where the restaurant is located. The cellar at Puesta, contains special wines and some of the best champagnes around the world.

The restaurant manages to add a unique color on Puesta’s atmosphere with its fragrant coffees and uniquely prepared cocktails.