One of the leading Spa and Fitness Centers in Limassol, the Royal Spa is located in the 5 star The Royal Apollonia Hotel. Visitors can enjoy the pioneer Dead Sea Climate Room for unique moments of relaxation and recreation.

General description for The Royal Spa:

7 treatment rooms

Dead sea climatological room

Fully equipped spa wet area

LifeFitness equipped gym & indoor pool

World known awarded Brands (Germaine De Capuccini & Dead Sea Premier)

Qualified and specialized personnel

Unique massages, like hot and cold stones, shells, foulard, pindas, harmonization of the chakra.

Specialized high technology facial treatments for all problems

Now, people can benefit from Dead Sea climatic miracles without going abroad to the Dead Sea, they can visit the unique Dead Sea Climate Room. The Climatic Room is the only facility, which recreates 31 natural parameters of the Dead Sea. The facility maintains optimal Dead Seashore climate parameters, constant temperature of the air at the level of 37.7to 39.8 С° relative humidity of 30 to 50%, minerals ions concentration of the Dead Sea air environment of 12 to 14 thousand pairs per cubic centimeter. For reference, the concentration of ions in the air above sea during a windstorm or thunderstorm is only 4 to 5 thousand pairs, and terahertz thermal radiation.

The process of rejuvenation and healing is activated by combined effects of unique terahertz worming of body organisms, breathing the mineral ions and absorbing the mineral components of water and mud from the Dead Sea. This climatic therapy increases the rate of metabolism, strengthens the immune system, helps in regeneration and growth of cells, it makes the skin to become smooth and elastic.

This combined effect increases the number of capillaries in all body organisms. Capillaries are blood vessels that bring food to each human cell and take waist out of the cell, with aging number of capillaries is decreasing, therefore increasing the number of capillaries improves quality of health, delays aging, and has a long lasting positive therapeutic effect on dermatological, rheumatologic and pulmonary diseases.