Akamas route

akamas route

On the west side of Cyprus, after the city of Paphos there is the Akamas Park with its magical unexplored beached and wild life. The area is ideal for adventure lovers, the romantic ones and even for families. For many years now, Green Peace and many nature loves seek to declare the area as a National Park. It is already included in the Mediterranean protection program by the European Council.

This unique area of the Mediterranean with its unique fauna and flora samples is the perfect opportunity for getting to know nature through walking or driving routes. The following places of interest offer a combination of ecclesiastical, historical and mythological places as well as wild life observation.

aphrodite baths Baths of Aphrodite is one of the most known places of interest in the whole island. After Latsi towards the end of Akamas one can find the covered in green cave at the end of a short trail. The mythology reports that goddess Aphrodite took her bath there where she also met her lover, the charming Adonis. The water is believed to have relaxing and refreshing capabilities. The area is very famous and thousands of tourists local and foreigners visit it throughout the year.
blue lagoon baths One of the most breathtaking areas on the island. An area that combines raw nature with crystal clear waters. A difficult to access beach as the only available route towards it, is through rock climbing as the beach has no sand just rocks which may be dangerous. It is suggested to approach the area by a boat.
lara beach This horseshoe shaped beach with its beautiful crystal clear waters is famous for being a breeding ground for the Green turtles and the Hawk’s Bill turtles which are protected species as they are in danger of extinction. To visit this beach it is highly suggested to use a 4x4 car.
avakas gorge The Akamas area is perfect for walking tours which aim at nature observation like the Adonis Path, Ayiasma Path, Aphrodite Path, Pissouromoutti Path, Smiyies Path and the known Avakas Gorge. Avakas Gorge was created thousands of years ago by a river in the area. This 3 km gorge is considered one of nature’s masterpieces offering amazing view and experiences as the trails go through sheer rocks on both sides of about 260 feet in height. In this area hikers have the chance to view the in-danger-of-extinction plant, the centauria akamantis, whose flowers blossom in the spring. Also, the area is rich in wild life as one can find foxes, rabbits, owls, hawks, butterflies and many reptiles. Visitors must have the appropriate equipment as the hiking takes place on uneven ground and some minor climbing may be required. It is essential to wear comfortable sport shoes and clothes and always have water at all times. The gorge is highly recommended to walk by either late afternoon or early morning when the light piercing through the gorge is just magical.